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Short Term Online Lending

Microloans are short term loans that offer borrowers a lower cost alternative to payday loans. Advancements in the online lending industry have placed more emphasis on increasing the borrower's potential for prosperity rather than draining their finances and leaving them with inescapable debt. Specifically, microlenders are spearheading a grassroots effort to offer borrowers not only small cash loans but also free programs that will help borrowers succeed by improving their financial literacy. These efforts are more than traditional lending platforms like banks are willing to undertake. However, after analyzing years of microloan data it's now possible to show to conventional credit lenders that packaging loans with free credit education courses can create more sophisticated borrowers that can over time become good customers.

Microfinance Infographic

Commonly used as an alternative to payday financing, short term online lending allows borrowers the same fast access to small amounts of cash but with fairer rates and terms.

A startling U.S. statistic uncovers that more than 40% of payday loan borrowers make less than $20,000 per year. According to the U.S. 2016 poverty level guideline, a family of 3 with an income of $20,126 is at the threshold. This means that 40% of payday loan borrowers are eligible for supplemental governmental benefits and are living a daily struggle to provide for themselves and their families. These extremely low income individuals often become stuck in an expensive revolving door of payday loans without knowing how to exit.

Short term online financing through a microloan or another payday loan alternative can help inadequately financed individuals learn how the financial world works while developing healthy financial habits.