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Short Term Credit Providers

Our research examines how microloans and short term loans impact borrowers, investors, and financial markets. For our visitors who want to know more about short term loans and their uses for borrowers, we have selected some informative websites that offer thorough explanations and guidance. These resources are independent from and have no affiliation with the Institute for Microfinance Research. They are merely provided here as a convenience for our readers.

My Green Loans

A short term loan provides borrowers financing to fund temporary cash needs. Typically, these loans are to be repaid within a short time period.

Payday Alternatives

An alternative to payday loans can pay for monthly bills, car repairs, and other living expenses. These loans are a low cost and affordable option.

Short Term Lending

With fast financing and small loan amounts, a short term loan offers borrowers a fast, small loan they can use for any purpose and pay back quickly.

My Green Loans - Military

For military personnel, veterans, and their dependents, short term loans for military provide fast cash solutions in unexpected financial situations.